Inkscape Easter Egg Hunt Flyer Tutorial

This Inkscape Tutorial gives you the illustrated step by step instructions to create a Easter Egg Hunt Flyer using the Open Source Vector Graphics Editor - Inkscape.

Inkscape Easter Egg Hunt Flyer
Inkscape Easter Egg Hunt Flyer

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01: Document Setup
02: Add Text
03: Text Properties
04: Modify Text
05: Type All Text
06: Modify Color Palette
07: Fill and Stroke
08: Filter Effects
09: Rename Filter
10: Add Effects
11: Gaussian Blur Connection
12: Offset Connection
13: Merge Connection
14: Gaussian Blur - S D
15: Offset - Delta X and Y
16: Apply Drop Shadow
17: Royalty Free Images
18: Add Images
19: Arrange Images
20: Save File

Step 01: Document Setup

Inkscape Menu Bar
Inkscape Menu Bar
Upon opening Inkscape, locate the Menu Bar.

Inkscape File Menu - Document Properties
Inkscape File Menu - Document Properties
Select File > Document Properties.

Inkscape Document Properties Window
Inkscape Document Properties Window
This will open up the Document Properties Window.

You will notice tabs for Page, Guides, Grids, Snap, Color Management, and Scripting.

On the Page Tab where the Default Units is set to px, select the Down Arrow and choose in for Inches from the drop down window.

In the Page Size section select US Letter for
8.5" x 11".

Orientation will be set to Portrait by Default.

To close the window, simply click on the x in the upper right hand corner. Now you can move on to creating your document.

Step 02: Add Text

Select the Text Tool
Inkscape Text Tool
Text Tool
on the Tool Box and click anywhere on the canvas to start typing your blocks of Text.
Inkscape Toolbar
Inkscape Toolbar
(Flipped horizontally for the purpose of the Tutorial)

In this case we will start with the address for the event and then everything else. Make the address:

"Adrienne's Recreation Center
495 Aiden St.,
Atlantis Place, Atlantis 34332
Tel. 555.666.5555
Fax 555.666.7777"

Step 03: Text Properties

Inkscape Command Bar
Inkscape Command Bar
Inkscape Text Icon
Text Icon
Go to the Command Bar, select the Text Properties Icon.

Inkscape Text & Font Window
Inkscape Text & Font Window
This will open the Text and Font Window.

Here you can change the Font Family, Style, Size, Layout and Line Spacing.

You will also be able to see a Preview of your modifications.

Step 04: Modify Text

Change the Font Family to "Segoe Print", a free Font that was downloaded at FontFreak. Style is Normal except for the company's title which is Bold and the Font Size is "28".

For the rest of the Text set the Font Size to "24".
Inkscape Title Text
Inkscape Title Text
Layout is Center. Click Apply. Click Close.

This is what the modified Text will look like:

Step 05: Type All Text

Inkscape Easter Flyer with Text
Inkscape Easter Flyer with Text
Continue typing the remainder of the Text. The "Easter Crafts Egg Hunt" Text and the "Date" Text are of the Font Family "Advert" which I also got from FontFreak.

Set the Size for the "Date" Text to "32" and the "Easter Text" to "90". Center all Text.

This is what all the Text on the page will look like.

Step 06: Modify Color Palette

Inkscape Color Options Menu
Inkscape Color Options Menu
Now we will add Color and a Drop Shadow to the Easter Text.

Inkscape Arrow
Go down to the right side of the Color Palette and click on the Arrow.

This will bring up the menu for changing how the colors are displayed.

Inkscape Blues Color Palette
Inkscape Blues Color Palette
Here select Blues.

Step 07: Fill and Stroke

Inkscape Set Fill & Stroke
Set Fill
& Stroke
Use the Select Tool
Inkscape Select Tool
Select Tool
to select the Easter Text. Then move the mouse over one of the "Blue Colors", right click and select Set Fill. Then do the same thing over the "White Color" and select Set Stroke.
Inkscape Blue Title Text
Inkscape Blue Title Text

This is what the Easter Text should look like.

Step 08: Filter Effects

Inkscape Objects Menu - Filter Effects
Inkscape Objects Menu - Filter Effects
Next we will add the Drop Shadow.

To do this, go to the Objects Menu > Filter Effects.

This will open the Filter Effects Window.