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How To in Microsoft Word 2003

In this section I've listed common questions that users have when using Microsoft Word 2003. I hope to be adding new How To questions often, so check back to see what's new.

As with the Flyer Tutorials, there are also detailed explanations of each step with images where necessary.

To find out how to do these simple tasks with Microsoft Word 2003, choose a link to the right of the screen.

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How To Get An Invisible Text Box Border

How To Insert Picture from Clip Art

To insert an image from Microsoft Clip Art go to
Insert > Picture > Clip Art.

This will open up the Clip Art window.

In the Search for box type in the kind of image you are looking for, for instance "flower" and hit the Go button.

In this case 2 flower images have appeared.

To select an image simply click on the one that you would like and the image will be put on the page.

How To Insert Picture from File

To insert an image from file go to Insert > Picture > From File.

This will open up the Insert Picture Window.

Choose your image, click on the Insert button and the image will be put on the page.

How To Flip an Image

Assuming you already have an image on your page, move the cursor over it and select it so that there will be a noticeable black border with 8 Squares around it.

Go to the Drawing Toolbar on the bottom of the page and select Draw > Rotate or Flip > Flip Horizontal.

The flipped image will be surrounded by 8 Circles.

How To Insert a Text Box

To insert a Text Box go to Insert > Text Box. The Drawing Canvas will appear on your page with the words "Create your drawing here" on the inside.

Click anywhere within this canvas to place your Text Box, so that you will have something looking like this, a Text Box within a box.

The Text Box has 8 Circles around it.

Start typing your text.

How To Get an Invisible Text Box Border

Go to the Drawing Toolbar at the bottom of the screen, and select the Black Arrow immediately to the right side of the Line Color Icon.

Since we are working with a White Background, we will select the color White for the Border.

Notice that the Black Border has disappeared.

If you click outside of the text box, you will have text that appears to float on the page.

If you select your text box and hold the mouse button down while over the border of the text box, you will be able to drag this text anywhere on the page.